Redefine life in your building with one app

Unique experience. Exclusive convenience.
Easier communication.

No more empty space

between digital and real estate world

Architectural design and building environments are constantly developing, with several new services being offered to the public. Amongst the growth of variety, however, there seems to be one key factor missing: a single digital solution that would link together all of the parts.

Spaceflow is here to fill the gap. Our app turns buildings into appropriate living spaces for the 21st century. Amenities, services, and community life, right in the palm of your hand.

Spaceflow connects

How Spaceflow helps


If you manage

  • All communication and engagement tools in one app
  • Unleashing the potential of your amenities
  • Connecting local shops and services directly with users
  • Happier and loyal tenants
  • Upgraded standards that help you surpass competition
  • An Increased value of your property

If you spend time
in buildings

  • One app for a convenient life inside your building
  • Staying updated in one feed
  • Active life in buildings: join in on activities and events
  • Services always at hand
  • More comfort: sharing with people around you
  • Being a part of an engaged community