Brings life to your office building

Spaceflow creates a higher level of the work-life balance for your office.
Enter the new era and upgrade the standards for yourself and your tenants.

A new kind of communication channel is here to awaken community life in your building. With Spaceflow, you can send any type of announcements, to all occupants, not only tenant representatives. Tenants can now stay informed via the feed on the homepage of our app.

Promote local shops and your services and inform users about the offers at any time, or connect providers directly with users so that they can order with just one click. Spaceflow supports business growth and takes care of customers’ errands such as laundry, washing the car, and food delivery.

A shared meeting room is a standard. Go beyond your tenants’ expectations by allowing them to share services such as cars, bikes, and other amenities. And that’s not all! Work life usually exists in one place. The same place with the same people. Every day. Let’s capitalize on these underused attributes by enabling tenants to share a ride on their way to the office.

Spaceflow is an ideal source for providing tenants with information about all activities of various types. Every user can create, share, and join an organized event, such as yoga, fitness training, or a workshop.

  • Simple kick off

    From the decision to the launch, in just a few steps with full support

  • Easily Customizable

    Set-up a perfect match for your building

  • Portfolio friendly

    Increase the value of your portfolio and bring new benefits to all of your buildings

  • Be one step ahead

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