Create the new working environment

Spaceflow app - touch-free access

Do you know what your occupiers expect as they return to their workspaces? Spaceflow helps you support your occupiers during the COVID-19 pandemic and facilitate their return-to-work plans through a mobile app and community engagement.

Spaceflow app - touch-free access

How Spaceflow can help

Returning tenants safely to your building is essential.

Offer a central communication hub for everyone who uses your space to keep occupiers engage. Provide healthy environment with contactless building access and room reservations. Follow analytics and monitor occupancy with sensors to further improve safety.

Benefits of Spaceflow:

  • message-circle Real-time communication
  • Supporting local services
  • wifi Occupancy tracking
  • Facilitating return-to-work plan
  • smile Attracting occupiers back
  • Introducing contactless technology
  • Real-time communication
  • Supporting local services
  • heart Enabling solidarity
  • Facilitating return-to-work plan
  • Attracting occupiers back
  • Introducing contactless technology

Benefits of Spaceflow

  • Communicate instantly

With the Spaceflow app, you get a real-time two-way communication channel allowing for rapid feedback, support and advice between managers, occupiers and community managers.

  • Promote 

As employees opt for working remotely, some tenants are cutting their leases back. Keep all occupiers engaged to promote loyalty and lease retention.

  • Introduce touch-free experience

High-contact surfaces can harbor viral particles and other germs for many hours. Make your space safer even after COVID-19 with technology that allows for hands-free building entry, service access and more.

Spaceflow tenant experience app connects services

Enhancing communication

With common areas effectively shut down, the ability to convey a message quickly, in selected buildings or portfolio-wide, is more crucial than ever for property managers.

With Spaceflow, communication is proactive, not reactive.

Engage from anywhere

Communication was important before, but it is critical amidst an outbreak. Spaceflow enables seamless communication between property managers and occupiers as well as among occupiers themselves. 

  • Use content templates
  • Keep occupants informed in real time thanks to push notifications
  • Pin a post with your COVID-19 preventive measures
  • Let tenants use the touchpoint for help and issue reporting
  • message-circle Exchange messages with the whole community
Engage users in post-COVID times through tenant app

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We remain fully committed to our mission: to enable a better life in buildings across the world. Now more than ever, we feel the responsibility to create and support connected communities and help buildings go digital.
Lukas Balik, CEO and co-founder of Spaceflow

Introduce virtual experiences when in-person is impossible

From virtual yoga sessions and online workouts to lectures and virtual tours, digital amenities have become the silver lining for home confinement. Give your residents or tenants something to look forward to no matter where they are.

  • monitor Create virtual events
  • link Connect providers of amenities and services
  • Give your community a space to hang out

Centralize payments for events
and amenities

Landlords now need to keep face-to-face interactions to a minimum even while offering great services and perks. With Spaceflow's payments feature, allow your residential or commercial occupiers to book laundry services, parking, events and more with the touch of a button.

  • Booking system for amenities and spaces
  • Laundry boxes, bikes, parking spots or anything else
  • Local and global exclusive partners
  • Virtual events

Support your community and services

As local communities and numerous businesses have been impacted by government-ordered restrictions, there is no better time than now to support local services by helping get their products or services into your property.

Convert your community’s shops and restaurants into perks for your own occupiers by offering coupons, rewards programs and other local incentives.

  • smartphone Digital concierge for users
  • tag Perks and deals
  • coffee Services directory
  • send Delivery & pick-up requests
Spaceflow admin console

Your property HQ:
The admin console

The admin console empowers property managers, space operators and community managers to communicate with all occupiers, invite services and amenity providers, and let occupants enjoy seamless convenience.

Introduce contactless technology​

Decrease the risk carried by high-contact surfaces by letting occupiers interact with your building via their own smartphones.​

  • Room booking
  • Access system and door opening
  • Contactless parcel delivery
  • bar-chart-2 Data and analytics
  • wifi Occupancy monitoring (reducing queues and density)
Spaceflow app sensors capacity

Occupancy data for
social distancing

Allianz brought in Spaceflow to offer the highest levels of tenant satisfaction, anchored on communication, productivity and a sense of community in THE ICON.

The campus has a popular cafeteria, Kantine 4.0, that is always busy. In the Spaceflow app that work with integration of IMAS sensors, people can now see a simple and convenient traffic light indicator that also increases sense of safety.

The technology supports Allianz’s response to COVID-19 and serves as social distancing tool.

Our integration partners

Spaceflow integration access system HID
Spaceflow integration access system Doordeck
Spaceflow integration access system Kisi
Spaceflow integration Salto
Spaceflow integration parcel delivery by Blocks
Imas Spaceflow integration of sensors

From ideas to execution

How can you keep your residents or commercial attendants plugged into the pulse of your property when common areas are closed and events are cancelled?

Our community engagement team supports and guides you during uneasy times. We are here to help you execute your ideas into concrete actions and engaging content.

  • send Strategic planning
  • Attractive content
  • bar-chart-2 Engaging polls
  • Virtual events
  • Return-to-work plan

The world goes digital. So does life in buildings

The property business is primarily about physical space. Nevertheless, opening the digital layer is crucial for the success of any business. Nowadays it is not enough to simply build the best spaces. Digitizing your building generates greater value, and saves costs and time, which provides a competitive advantage.

Going digital includes optimization and effectuation of processes. Being connected to the building environment makes communication and the exchange of information easier for everyone. Asset or property managers can take advantage of data collection and analytics.

In a (post) coronavirus world, adopting new technologies is no longer optional. Buildings need to be easily accessible and a high level of safety has to be guaranteed to their occupiers. Digital tools are the answer.

Support your occupiers
and make your building digital

By adding a digital HQ to your physical space,
increase loyalty and watch your retention rate grow.