Frequently asked questions

A Spaceflow representative will get in touch with you shortly to schedule an initial consultation over video-call. Based on your unique business requirements we will then proceed to schedule and propose a subscription strategy to best meet your needs.

Landlord’s top priority is to minimize vacant space whilst simultaneously increasing asset value. Spaceflow helps landlords achieve this business objective through boosting tenantly loyalty with customized programming and enhanced tenant experiences. Effectively increasing tenant satisfaction and retention and improving the building standard.

Spaceflow is streamlining processes and building technology for both user and property management to ensure the best-possible experience in buildings.

We help our clients manage the value of their space by providing continuous data insights which enables a more precise decision making process, generating additional revenue from all transactions through transforming your property into a building-as-a-service in which tenants thrive.

We help you to get activity in the app before launch and to learn how to find the right incentive for users to sign up. Our extra marketing tools to get the word out includes email templates, each serving a purpose to make your space population sign up to the app and 6-week introduction to all the functions of the app through posts, so you don’t need to spend any time or resources explaining the purpose. 

For Premium clients, we set up a strategy for a launch event to kick-start your community in the right engaging way. Of course, our trained community managers will be on-site to introduce the full potential of Spaceflow platform.

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