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Spaceflow Community

Tenants want their space to feel more like a community and expect landlords to facilitate that. That’s why we are here. We’ll help you drive community engagement and increase the loyalty of your tenants.

Spaceflow Community

How the Community Engagement team
helps you and your space

Spaceflow app on tablet
Spaceflow app on tablet

Seamless onboarding

When starting your journey, we’ll make sure your team gets the best resources possible. We run in-depth training sessions with all of our customers and their clients to ensure they are proficient with our platform. 

We train Property Managers, Facility Managers, Marketing Managers, Office Managers, Retailers and other roles.

Attractive Content


  • Community tips – communicate directly with your tenant representatives
  • Text & graphic templates
  • Engaging polls – get instant feedback from your tenants
Spaceflow app newsfeed
Spaceflow app newsfeed
Spaceflow app services
Spaceflow app services

Boosted Experience

On-site experience

Through attractive content and events, tenants can build a relationship with their space and their community. We will help you create an experience that supports ongoing community engagement.

Partner perks

We’ll build an ecosystem of service partners on-site and nearby. With it, you can differentiate your property or space by offering deals, happy hours and promos.

Strategy planning

To ensure a successful launch and ongoing growth for your community we’ll create a strategy plan with your team, that includes detailed steps for you to get the most out of our platform.

Tenant feedback

By combining real-time tenant feedback and an analytics dashboard, we’ll provide you with monthly data reports on the performance of your spaces.

Data insights


  • Real-time data from your tenants
  • Custom surveys and polls
  • Dashboard overview
  • Insights tailored to your space and portfolio
Spaceflow admin console
Spaceflow admin console
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Using Slack? The Tenant Experience channel powered by Spaceflow lets professionals mingle and share great tips on how to build communities.