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Spaceflow community management

Tenants want their space to feel more like a community and expect landlords to facilitate that. That’s why we are here. We’ll drive your community engagement and increase the loyalty of your tenants.

Spaceflow community management
On-boarding your building
The process of creating a tenant experience is unique in every space. Our engagement team is making sure every on-boarding aspect is taken care of through a complete set of onboarding deliverables.
  • Success meetings
  • In-depth training for your team
  • Onboarding & workshop for services
  • Custom marketing campaign
  • Onboarding users
  • Launch event

Spaceflow Engagement Program

  • settings Strategic planning

We customise a content plan with the purpose of activating and engaging your unique building community.

  • Content library

You have full access to a library packed with ready-to-use templates on themes covering everything from trending topics to facility management.

  • Targeting posts

Whether you wish to target the whole community or solely representatives, you can always pick the right group for your posts.

  • On-site pop-up events

We organise events for your community where members can share the on-site experience, foster collective creativity and innovation.

  • Feedback loop

We, as well as you, value the opinions of the people in your space so we make sure to gather all the possible insights regularly.

From the start, we knew that if we really wanted to be the best tenant experience platform in the world, it could not be just about the app itself. We knew we needed an excellent team of experienced community managers that nurture communities and help our clients to adapt to the new digital reality.
Lukas Balik, CEO and co-founder of Spaceflow
Spaceflow App newsfeed
Spaceflow App newsfeed

Keep your community engaged

Through attractive content and events, tenants can build a relationship with their space and their community. We will help you create an experience that supports ongoing community engagement.

  • Events
  • coffee Services
  • Competitions
  • Announcements

Ask your community

Receiving opinions on your services or building amenities can be the most powerful tool to make improvements.

  • Ask questions in the newsfeed
  • bar-chart-2 Get opinions in polls
  • Stay in touch through messages
Spaceflow Messages and Polls
Perks Spaceflow App
Perks Spaceflow App

Spaceflow partners

Invite your local retailers or use Spaceflow’s exlusive partners. Let tenants redeem perks and offers. Meet some of our Partners here!

By combining community engagement and technology we open up for the possibility to create meaningful experiences in places we once didn’t value. Anyone can use our platform, but community managers fulfill the purpose.
Spaceflow Anna Gäfvert Head of Community Engagement Team
Anna Gäfvert, Head of Community Engagement team

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Data insights

With the real-time data available in your dashboard you can set KPIs and monetise what works in your building. User growth and their engagement, popular posts, events and trending perks is just the beginning

  • Real-time insights on your community’s engagement
  • eye Business reviews to analyze the data
  • bar-chart-2 Help with creating custom polls & surveys
Spaceflow admin console for property data and analytics

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The community management team helped us to set up our building profile, train and onboard our staff, made content look attractive in the app and have supported the rest of our journey in becoming a digital complex ever since.
Farida Baizuliyeva

Farida Baizuliyeva, Marketing Manager, Global Development, Talan Towers mixed-use project

Our projects in numbers

UP TO 94%

monthly active users

Up to 3 times

our marketing campaign boosts signups with up to 3x times compared to buildings with a less extensive marketing campaign


local services connected to our buildings


Average number of local services connected to office buildings using Spaceflow

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