River City Prague by CA Immo

CA Immo Danube House

CA Immo’s portfolio in Prague is primarily represented by five class A office properties within the hip, fast-growing district Prague 8. CA Immo’s original goal back in 2017 was to unify Danube House, Amazon Court and Nile House, the three existing building forming the complex then, into a single connected presence, allowing for community to grow and communication channels to develop between the physical structures of the three buildings. Additionally, CA Immo was looking for a way to connect the occupants of the buildings with the services available at the ground floor.

We quickly realized it would take more than our platform to achieve CA Immo’s goals. By bringing CA Immo and JLL employees into a series of participatory workshops, we refined a vision for a cohesive community approach, a pattern of events and a number of ways for local property managers to engage their tenants over the long term.

CA Immo
River City Prague | Office district | 84,450 (sqm) | 909,000 (sq sf)
Spaceflow plan


Through Spaceflow, property management is able to inform office managers as well as regular employees with latest updates and informative, local and witty content. With the tenant experience app, the occupants of each River City Prague building can network, attend events and reserve services in the buildings.

Tech integrations

Our next step is to empower occupiers of RCP with seamless access system for doors and turnstiles and build Spaceflow integrations with the properties’ eReception services, energy efficiency data platform.

There is a need to inform our clients and their employees immediately and distribute news and events not only to contact emails but to the whole community. Spaceflow is a unique property app allowing us to connect retailers with office users. Spaceflow team was very open to changes in their app and modifying it based on our requirements.
Jan Baxa, CA Immo case study Spaceflow

Jan Baxa, Head of Asset Management, CA Immo​

Amazon Court, CA Immo, Spaceflow case study

Spaceflow was able to connect all three buildings, local companies and occupants into one living ecosystem, a challenging task that was not previously possible to fulfill. We were able to encourage then-JLL’s property manager to radically change her role.

Thanks to the tools we provided as well as the community-driven approach we shared through countless workshops, Michaela Zalesakova, the property manager of CA Immo’s assets was the first Property Manager/Marketing Manager at JLL in CEE.

The most important part of such a shift is that all members of the community benefit from it. Spaceflow uplifted the whole experience of this neighbourhood.

Thanks to Spaceflow I found that I can provide the tenants with much more than just fixing issues. We make our tenants happy by organising events, charity initiatives, sport activities and opportunities to network.
Michaela Zalesakova, Property Manager, JLL

Michaela Zalesakova, Rivercity’s Property Manager

Spaceflow newsfeed


1,150 users

Across the five River City buildings, Spaceflow has achieved a huge number of total platform users.

30+ service providers

Dozens of service providers are available to occupants, from food and florists to laundry and transportation.

CA Immo Nile House, Spaceflow case study
CA Immo Danube House
Amazon Court, CA Immo, Spaceflow case study
Nile House offices in Prague
Danube House offices in Prague
Amazon Court offices in Prague
Mississippi House and Missouri Park perspective
River City Prague Missouri Park
Mississippi House and Missouri Park

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