Ressourcerækkerne by Cobblestone
Ressourcerækkerne is a modern sustainability-focused apartment complex located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Ressourcerækkerne is operated by Cobblestone that manages over 20,000 units across 400 properties.

When Spaceflow was introduced at the property, we enabled a wide range of new functionality:
Ressourcerækkerne | Multifamily | 92 units
Spaceflow plan


The Spaceflow platform allows Ressourcerækkerne’s residents to reserve amenity spaces within the app, whether for small meetings or bigger events.


With Spaceflow, the community and property management can share news about anything: food events, local services, classified ads, maintenance updates, or building info such as a solar panel installation project.


The platform also allows both property managers and residents to plan and share events, such as hygge meetups, tenant meetings, and beyond. This is a crucial step in transforming neighbors into a proper community.


Spaceflow allows everyone at the property to send requests and share ideas with neighbors and owners. Perhaps the residents want something like easier recycling, a swap box, or a Christmas tree?

Spaceflow send feedback feature


75% MAU*

And an ongoing trend of observable organic growth within the community.

7,237 post impressions

monthly on average


monthly on average
Cobblestone's property with a car
Cobblestone apartment property bridge
Cobblestone apartment in Denmark

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