Gravity Camden Lock

Gravity Camden Lock Building

Camden Lock by Gravity offers fully furnished community-led apartments within the heart of London, Camden Town. In order to motivate continuous member growth, Gravity aims to always be flexible, empowering, and convenient in its management style.

Spaceflow and Gravity have been working unanimously to ensure members feel connected during a time where digital tools form a bridge of interaction between tenants, effectively decreasing the strain of loneliness appearing as per consequence of the ongoing pandemic. Spaceflow’s own dedicated community work to offer tenants relevant content, perks, and discounts. 

As a part of the Basic plan that Gravity team has chosen, Spaceflow’s community team publish timely global posts such as how to best cope with new lockdown restrictions, to announce sustainable service partners to brighten tenant’s experience within Gravity. This is done in cooperation with Gravity Space Representatives, posting regular updates, challenges, polls, and events to keep their community entertained, well-informed, and connected.

Camden Lock | Co-living | 32 units
Spaceflow plan


With strict protocols, onsite cleaners, and regular sanitation procedures, as well as having a dedicated community manager in place, Gravity meets governmental restrictions and ensures member safety throughout their buildings. With Spaceflow, any new announcements regarding the pandemic are easily shared within the group, where users can interact with the content, post comments, and feedback.


New Gravity members are announced within the app, opening up for conversation and community building within Spaceflow. This way, members are made aware of their neighboring tenants and are able to instantly interact and communicate with one another using the messaging feature available in the app.

User generated content

Socially distant events and cleaning announcements alongside Spaceflow generated content such as global partners and perks form a feed of variation. With Gravity members utilizing the platform to stay in safe contact with their members, tenants equally make the feed their own through posting polls, contests, and gatherings, resulting in an organic build of community, growing seamlessly over time.
Gravity Camden Lock - Spaceflow app
Gravity Camden Lock - livingroom
Gravity Camden Lock - dining room
Gravity Camden Lock Building

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