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Spaceflow: our product

Spaceflow is a tenant experience app that connects buildings with their occupiers. Tenant loyalty is boosted thanks to an improved experience, at the same time your asset value increases.

Spaceflow: our product
Example of Newsfeed in the Spaceflow Tenant Experience App
Example of Newsfeed in the Spaceflow Tenant Experience App

Reimagine experience.
Increase income and value.

Spaceflow isn’t just an app. It’s a vibrant place where everything and everyone in the building’s ecosystem converge. It’s the next step in delivering exactly what your occupants want.

How Spaceflow helps:

  • Increasing rent
  • Increasing occupancy
  • Additional revenue
  • monitor Effective building management
  • edit-3 Branding
  • Innovation
  • Increasing rent
  • Increasing occupancy
  • Additional revenue
  • monitor Effective building management
  • edit-3 Branding
  • Innovation

A leading tenant experience mobile app

Spaceflow connects local services, amenities, smart building features, and community life in offices and residential buildings which improves integration, collaboration and simplifies daily life.

Spaceflow Tenant Experience and Engagement App Services
Spaceflow Tenant Experience App Services

01 Enable hassle-free convenience by digitizing services


  • smartphone Digital concierge
  • tag Exclusive perks and deals
  • coffee Services directory
  • send Requests

02 Forget tenants, meet customers


  • calendar Booking system for amenities and spaces
  • share-2 Shared cars, meeting rooms and anything else
  • filter Filtering
  • credit-card Payment system
Spaceflow Tenant Experience App with in-app payment function
Spaceflow ticketing

03 Foster a relationship


  • home Building profile
  • help-circle Touchpoint for help and issue reporting
  • message-circle Direct and instant chat for property management and occupiers

04 Engage with your


  • grid Newsfeed
  • message-circle Messaging
  • 1-on-1 meetings
  • smile Building community
Spaceflow admin console

Admin console to gain insights

The admin console empowers property managers, space operators and community managers to communicate with all occupiers, invite services and amenity providers, and let occupants enjoy seamless convenience.

01 / 06

Activate spaces and make better decisions on investments

  • bar-chart-2 Analytics dashboard
  • heart Trending posts
  • tag Trending perks
  • home Asset to asset reports
02 / 06

Engage with every occupant

  • grid Content Management System (CMS)
  • image Image and text templates ready to use
  • star Pinned posts
  • bell Instant notifications
  • mouse-pointer Selected audiences
  • message-circle Cross-building communication
  • eye Post previews
03 / 06

Build a community

  • plus-circle Create events to empower the community
  • help-circle Ask questions with polls
  • edit-3 Customize your building profile
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Invite services and amenities, and let occupants enjoy seamless convenience

  • user-plus Invite local retailers and service providers (Vendor Management System)
  • link Connect amenities onsite
  • tag Provide exclusive deals
  • navigation Enable better navigation thanks to tenant and services directory
05 / 06

Support your tenants

  • edit-3 Seamless feedback thanks to ticketing
  • bell Notifications
  • message-circle Real-time communication via chat
06 / 06

Analyze your space usage

  • calendar Booking system for on-site amenities, services and spaces
  • eye Reservations overview
  • bar-chart-2 Analytics on how your space is used

Enabling your building to be smart

Together with our partners, occupiers get everything they need from your space in one app. We regularly add new partners to our portfolio and we’re flexible to work on custom development and integrations, as well.

  • user Visitor system
  • Payment system
  • Sharing (bikes, cars…)
  • Access system
  • monitor Building management system
  • Smart lockers
  • wifi Sensors
Spaceflow integrations
Spaceflow integration access system HID
Spaceflow integration access system Doordeck
Spaceflow integration access system Kisi
Flowbox integration Spaceflow
Spaceflow integration parcel delivery by Blocks
Spaceflow integration Salto
Spaceflow payments with Adyen integration
Spaceflow integration bGrid
Spaceflow integration Revisio
Spaceflow integration Envoy
Spaceflow integration Sensorberg
Imas Spaceflow integration of sensors
The Spaceflow app made reporting and resolving maintenance issues easier. Thanks to Spaceflow, we are informed about the feedback immediately, we can react promptly and let our members know how we deal with it in real time. We also enjoy the possibility to inform our members about current happenings, both general and with regard to the building.
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